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Practicing awareness – Tips and benefits of seeing without watching

Most of the time, we are caught up in our minds, between labels and definitions, mostly watching without seeing consciously. Whether we are at dinner, breakfast, whether we are with some friends, driving, training, whatever you are doing at the moment, we can clearly note that our thought process never seems to decrease or give us a peaceful break from stories and projections of the mind.

Well, maybe you’ve never noticed you’re constantly thinking and going from A to B at half and full speed most of the time, specially when sinking into emotions like anger or hatred or going through hard circumstances . Maybe this is the first time you do, but most of us throughout our lives we get that sparkly moment when we are just Seeing, however, it happens in an unconscious way. This is the art of seeings things by how they are rather than seeing them by what we think they are. A flower doesn’t need your definition of it’s own existence, it’s just existing naturally. Seeing without watching is connecting to this natural existence, which doesn’t need your opinion, label or definition to be there in the first place.

You can’t be the whole time seeing without watching, the mind will always catch up again and force you to go back to it’s stories, dramas, anxieties, or whatever it is you’re going through at the moment. But you can do it a couple times a day to start seeing the world you might never fully saw with the eyes that are not entirely physical.

I invite you to read this post entirely and practice the tips i’m about to share with you.

“There are many addictions, smoking, drugs, gambling, and thinking is one of them” said Eckhart Tolle.

You can easily see without watching right now, while you are reading these words. Breath in, breathe out and let your mind go blank. Keep reading this post to see the advantages and tips i will share with you.

What you are thinking right can affect the bond between mind-body, and vice-versa. Mind processes like Motivation, Inspiration and Passion will eventually create a bond between Body-Mind which will allow you to live a happier and more excited life. You know you can’t start a nice training routine if you’re sad, angry, lost and depressed. Well, actually you can, but your performance and results won’t be the same as if you were excited and passionate.

What are the 5 benefits of seeing without watching, a couple times a day?

  1. Releasing yourself from stories and dramas you might be going through at the moment. Maybe not entirely, but maybe you will for a period of time. It all depends on the density and weight of your thought process.
  2. Seeing things the way they truly are. You won’t say, oh what a nice flower, you will connect to that silent and eternal experience without the need of thinking or labeling. That will probably make you feel better than before, now that you will be accessing a full awareness experience.
  3. No longer be defining and thinking while seeing. This happens often for a few seconds when we see something really nice, but it really doesn’t happen consciously or by own desire. Now you can do it whenever you want, wherever you want.
  4. Peace of mind. Straight up, you won’t get lost in your inner bulls*** and you will be able to feel expansive and peaceful when practicing the tips you will see above.This is really helpful when sinking down into emotions and sensations we don’t really like to feel, like anguish, sadness or anger.
  5. Slowing down and continuing what you’re doing in a better and more refreshed way. If you’re doing something and you’re inevitably caught up in the massive thought process, things might start complicating for you. You might see yourself without ideas, frustrated and stuck. With the tips you see below, you will be able to “reset” your mind and continue doing whatever you gotta do.

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