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How to change Facebook Color

If you’re tired of seeing that blue inside of Facebook we’re all accustomed to, maybe it’s time for you to change it. You will be able to change it from blue to green, red, violet, or whichever color you desire, providing yourself a slightly different perspective when using Facebook.

With these 4 easy steps which will vary depending on your browser, you will be able to use Facebook in a totally different color through add ons from the store of whichever browser you’re using at the moment.

If you’re using Google Chrome:

#1: Launch Google Chrome, head over to the search bar and enter the next adress: chrome.google.com/webstore which will lead you to Chrome Webstore, where you can get apps, extensions and more for Google Chrome.

#2: On the top left corner of the page, you will see a search field which is used to find whatever is available on the store. Type in Facebook Color and click on Extensions so you can find only extensions.

#3: Click on “Add to chrome” on one of the extensions to install it on Chrome. Make sure you install the most rated one.

#4: Log into Facebook and click on the extension, which is a pink button,to the right corner of the screen. That will open the extension and let you change Facebook color however you desire.

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox:

#1: Open Mozilla Firefox and click on the three horizontal bars in the upper-right corner of the browser to open the menu. Click the puzzle icon for “Add-ons”, which will open the Add-ons manager.

#2: Type in Facebook color scheme and click on the search icon which is a magnifying glass.

#3: Install the Add-on Facebook Color Changer.

#4: Log into Facebook and open the add-on, which is a pink button located on the upper-top right of the screen. This will allow you to change Facebook color however you desire using Mozilla Firefox.

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You have successfully changed Facebook color scheme, congratulations!

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