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How to send a private message on Facebook

Sending private messages through Facebook allows you to open an interaction with the person or people you sent the message to, being able to include many things such as emoji, pictures, links, files, etc.

There are many ways of sending someone a private message. You can do it by using the chat, going to their profile and tapping on “Message” or through the app “Messenger”, which you can download from the AppStore.

#1: Go to Facebook.

#2: Head over to the Facebook searcher and type in the user you want to send a message to. Tap or click on their profile and click on Message, to the right of the header photo.

#3: You will get a little chat box with a bunch of tools you can use, Add photos, emoji, start video chat, add friends to the chat, and more. 

#4: You can also just click on any of your contacts below the news feed, to the right of the screen. That will open a little chat box similar to the one you see above, allowing the interaction to continue without the need to open Messenger or the private message box, which is to the left of the notification icon.

#5: Next to the settings icon, you can see a New Message icon, which you can use to send a message, but it is basically the same thing.

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You have successfully sent a private message on Facebook, congratulations!

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